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Who We Are

Fire safe councils are grassroots community-based organizations which share the objective of making California's communities less vulnerable to catastrophic wildfire. Fire safe councils accomplish this objective through education programs and projects such as shaded fuel breaks or firebreaks to protect area residents against an oncoming wildfire and to provide fire fighters with a place to fight the oncoming fire. The first fire safe councils started in the early 1990s, and there are now over 100 around the state.

The San Benito Fire Safe Council is currently working with the Santa Clara County FireSafe Council on collaborative efforts to make our communities fire safe.

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Upcoming Events

San Benito Fire Safe
Council - Bi-monthly Meeting April 20th, 2017
 Meeetings are be held at the San Juan Bautista fire station located at 2nd and Polk streets, in San Juan Bautista.
Bi-monthly Meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month 5:00-6:30pm.
Meetings are open to the general public!


Help Us Rebuild the San Benito Fire Safe Council!

Creating 100' Defensible Space

A video guide on how to create a defensible space around your home


Public Education

A $2,500 Pacific Gas and Electric Company Grant was awarded to SBFSC in November 2012!

San Benito Fire Safe Council Community Outreach and Education Grant

This project that will help coordinate and implement a Restructuring & Sustainability Plan for the San Benito Fire Safe Council.  This plan focuses on generating community interest and increased visibility through community meetings, public education events, the SBFSC website & social media.

The SBFSC together with the community will work toward building a program of public outreach and volunteerism that will increase fire safety awareness, emergency preparedness, and education of creating a defensible space in the wildland urban interface areas of San Benito County.

If you are interested in volunteering and working with us to meet our goals for this grant, please contact us.

San Benito County Community Wildfire Protection Plan
A grant funded project that identifies high fire hazard risk areas as well ideas for potential projects intended to mitigate such risk.

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San Benito County Fire Safety Events